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Welcome to the diary of Jen. Thank you for joining me here. I appreciate you spending some time to get to know me a little better. This is where I will share with you some of my thoughts, news, travels and the many escapades of life. I expect to contribute regularly on various topics in hopes that you can get a glimpse of my personality.

Referred to a new life of seduction by a dear friend, I never thought I would ever lead a role as a personal paramour. I am not the type of girl that is supposed to be attracted to this type of lifestyle......or so I thought. After having a few recent encounters in this realm, I've come to a realization of how much I thrive when meeting someone new in an intimate setting. Traditionally, we are taught to ignore stereotypes and that everyone deserves a chance to prove their own character, yet escorts have many labels and misperceptions that are sometimes not true. There are as many misperceptions about escorts as there are about people. What I can say about me....I wasn't abused by a relative, I do not have any children to support, and I've never been addicted to anything, except maybe my love for Chanel.....but you know :-)

So, here I find myself having new beginnings in Boston, where I hope I will find new friends....and that we both will become better for having known each other. I love Boston. I love it's rich history, food, and even it's weather. But most of all I love it's anonymity. Being in a new city far from family and friends and getting the chance to do as I please freely is incredibly exciting. With that said, thanks for reading and hope you will find your way back soon.


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