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I've been living in Beantown for a few months so far. Here are some things I love about Boston: that week in Spring when it's warm, but not hot....... and the trees are just beginning to bloom. Men in suits. The way the gold dome on the State House lights up at sunset. It's easy for me to say "I love you, Boston". Not so easy for me to say "I love the random cold and rain snaps". While most of the country is enjoying the beautiful summer weather, Boston is somehow still transitioning in and out of the winter. Where's the heat?! As a southern belle, I'm always looking forward to wearing my cute little sundress and dainty little swimsuit while soaking up some sun in the summer months.

I was beginning to lose hope and then was somehow lucky enough to get swept away to the Virgin Islands! What a wonderful getaway. By far the most beautiful beaches I have ever seen. I eventually decided that I should get rid of all the modern day femininities like makeup and hair and just let go. So glad I did! I also tried snorkling and swimming with the dolphins for the first time. Fun!


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