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I have been so lucky to have lived in a city full of admires and gentlemen that have been so good to me. The few years I have been here has been awesome! My time has been rich with conversation, flirting, quality time and adventure. The small/big city of Boston is a cozy village... populated by more than 600,000 fascinating individuals who all behave like they own the sidewalk. But lately it seemed as if the entire city had been magically reduced to only two Four-hour conversations flew by in a space of 15 minutes... and a few days apart felt like weeks. I realize Einstein's Law of Relativity would have to be amended to include a special set of rules... those to explain the peculiar effects of infatuation. You know who you are ;)

So now I move on to another adventure. It is now time for me to begin a new chapter but not without saying a huge THANK YOU to Boston for being so great. I will miss you all.....

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